Monday, January 17, 2011

Auctions and Yard Sales

I have enjoyed going to estate auctions and yard sales for many years. I have acquired many great deals in the process. Part of what I enjoy is the haggling over a price to get the  best deal I can.

Changes in peoples lives often require these kinds of sales and it can be difficult to part with objects that carry many memories. An elderly couple may be moving to a retirement center or nursing home. I once needed to move from a large house to a small apartment. Our stuff would not fit so we had a yard sale. Now that I am living in a house again I miss that stuff. There are mixed emotions with every item that is put up for sale or auction.  

As a pastor I have presided over a lot of funerals and I know that none of the treasures I have on this earth are going with me. Someone - either my wife or daughters will have to sort through my memories and decide to keep, sell or even give away.  Love and faith is all I will take with me all else I own will one day belong to another.

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