Tuesday, January 18, 2011


There are many aspects of our lives that we guard with diligence or we should. If we are smart we lock the doors of our homes and cars and install security systems. Our computers are loaded with security and anti-virus programs. We deposit our money in a bank and keep important  papers in their safety deposit box.

Yet we will leave our hearts and spirits open to evil and become vulnerable.  It is then so easy for our peace of mind, our joy, our marriages and our finances to be co-opted before we even realize it.

We do have a spiritual security system available to us. If you open our spirits to God's Holy Spirit to warn and guide us we will be protected.  Like an anti-virus system that only works for our computer if it is on all the time, so it is with our spiritual connection. There are some who turn their spiritual volume down so low that they can not  hear the Holy Spirit warning them that evil has approached.   Daily prayer and a heart open to God is our best spiritual security.

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