Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cause and Effect

Sales people can often entice us to waste our money on something we don’t need. That new fancy gadget on TV looks like something I can’t live with out so I order it. When it arrives I discover that is does not live up to its advertizing and I am disappointed.

Temptation may lure us in to areas where we should not go and we get into trouble. At a party it is easy for a young person to be enticed to have a drink of beer or wine. More offers may follow and the decision process is blurred.   Once mental function is dampened other enticements, such as pills or sniffing white power, are more easily accepted. Actually this can happen at any age but our youth are more endangered.

The story of Eve’s temptation in the Garden of Eden is all about cause and effect for our actions. Can we learn a lesson without going through the pain of bad effects?


  1. this video I discovered today shocked me ...


    If this is what America is turning into, then I'm glad I live in Europe. I know, it's only one guy's opinion, but he has followers and he's a preacher!! It's sad times we are living in...