Saturday, January 15, 2011

Zodiac Changes???

There has been a recent furor over possible zodiac changes. A scientist astronomer announced that over the last three thousand years the earth has wobbled on its axis enough that the star fields have moved in relation to the sun from the earth’s point of view. He dared to suggest that the zodiac was in need of adjustment with perhaps a thirteenth sign.

As you might imagine astrologers went nuts. They have tried to assure all their clients that nothing was wrong with the zodiac from their point of view.
We might note that astrology is not a science but a religion or at best an art form. It was invented in Babylon over three thousand years ago as a way of telling the future. The signs of the zodiac were also deities to be worshiped.

From a Christian point of view astrology is an ancient idol worship for when you put your faith in a horoscope reading, based on the sign of the zodiac, your are turning your back on faith in God. Even though astrology has remained popular over the centuries it is not allowed in the bible.  

Every now and then someone will open a conversation with me by asking, “What’s your sign?” and I know what they mean. My answer often confuses them. I say, “My sign is the cross.”  I usually get a blank stare and then they say, “No I mean your birth sign.” To which I reply, “I was born again under the sign of the cross and my faith in the future is in Jesus.”    

As a pastor I encourage all Christians to keep faith with Jesus and answer, “My sign is the cross!”


  1. they mentioned that in the German newspaper today, too. It's really nothing new... it's been known forever that the stars no longer match the month. People will do/say anything to get in the paper! LOL

    P.S. I'm a Pisces bzw. ;-)

  2. Pastor, you said it perfectly. Our sign is the cross. I have written this on several other FB pages pertaining to this zodiac change: These things of the world are everchanging and unstable. God's love is steadfast.

    Thanks for posting this.

  3. ooops typo: bzw. was supposed to be btw. ... darn German doesn't always translate from my head ;-)

  4. Dorrie I had an oops too ;)
    Since my family came from your town I understand the German "z" ;)