Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Betty and her SISTERS

Ever since my darling daughters put me on to JournalSpace as a place to blog I have enjoyed the friendship of three sisters who had journals there. Betty, Sally and Paula were all three good writers and great Christians. They befriended me almost as soon as I joined. When JournasSpace crashed the wonderful community there dispersed but I managed to keep up with the “Three Sisters of JournalSpace.”

When Betty’s husband died a part of her died too and now she has joined him. I will always remember her as a good soul who seemed to endure a lot of drama in her life. She was kind and had a heart of gold filled with love. I know that Sally and Paula will miss her and they are in my prayers.


  1. Betty was one of those who made JS really special. I loved her different layouts and often they inspired me. I am so glad to have met her live and in person, together with Paul.

    I will miss her terribly....

  2. I am sorry that she died but somehow glad that she could be reunited with Paul in a place far more pleasant and free of the terrible scourges that dogged their last days.