Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Spring showed up on Sunday and I was unaware. I spent most of yesterday working in the back yard still cleaning up from the winter. Today I will turn the earth for the vegetable gardens so my darling can plant peas.

I love the Forsythia we planted last year because in the spring it is all yellow and then it turns green in the summer. We had them in the parsonage yard in Missouri and I have really missed them.

The warmer days lets me walk in the neighborhood rather than a mall and I do so enjoy that. The earth just seems to be waking up and i have an urge to make it a cup of coffee and say good morning.

Enjoy your Spring!

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  1. I had a Forsythia when I lived a few streets over and I really miss it blooming. In fact, I used it as a measure as to when to prune my rose bushes. Well, I still do by driving by!