Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It is very frustrating when a word, phrase or a name will not come to mind. It drives me crazy when something I know very well simply will not pop into my mind. Then ten minutes after I needed it bang there it is. Sometimes it is only when we quite trying to remember that the illusive bit of information shows up in our gray matter.

The other thing that drives me crazy is going down stairs to look for something and winding up diverted and forgetting what I was looking for in the first place. That happens way too often.

It is considered a human shortcoming to be forgetful. There are times when forgetting is useful and needed. In Hebrews 8:12 God is quotes as saying "For I will be merciful toward their iniquities and I will remember their sins no more." That God would voluntarily forget our forgiven sins is love beyond human comprehension.

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