Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lent and Devotions

Between now and Holy Week there is not much to do for Lent beyond our personal devotions.  Now is the time to give yourself a focus for your prayer time to help you get ready for the events of Holy Week. One way to do this is to image your self on the highway up to Jerusalem traveling with Jesus and the Disciples. Each day look at a map of  Israel and starting at the Sea of Galiee move slowly down the Jordan River picking a different place each day. Pray about Jesus stopping and teaching there. Read the Gospels account of his journey and the people Jesus encountered. How did he treat them and what did he teach them. Make that part of your prayer life.

This Lenten journey calls for a time of reflection and repentance for our daily highway is crammed with a cacophony of chaotic encounters in this world. We need a holy retreat to recover from the noise and confusion. It is most fortunate that you already know from the scriptures that you belong in the one place where it counts. You are blessed for you belong to God because of Christ Jesus. In the presence of the saints [other church members] we can share a prayer life that strengthens our spirits and draws us closer to our Lord.

Let your prayers take on special meaning during the Lenten time of  getting ready for the  Resurrection Sunday celebration.

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