Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shame Shame Shame

Gomer Pile of the Andy Griffith Show would encounter a situation that was not quite on the up and up and he would say, "SHAME!, SHAME!, SHAME!"  I remember as a boy how we use to shout, "Shame on you!" when some one did something naughty. Today people see as common place on TV actions that not so long ago were things to be ashamed of.

The uncle of a teen-age girl was watching her friends dance.

"I'll bet that you never saw dancing like that," she said, "back when you were a young man."

"Once," said her uncle, "but the place was raided."

There are people on TV talk shows that brag about doing things that only a few years ago would have been cause for digging a deep hole and crawling in it. And the language they use to do it is even worse. Shame, shame, shame.

There are all kinds of reasons for people to feel shame. Sadly many people today are shameless - they live in a shameful manner and walk about like the famous emperor with no clothes.


  1. Don't you know that if we feel a sense of shame or experience guilt it is a sign of poor self-esteem?

    Good post btw!

  2. If we FEEl being the operative word there fragilewisdom. Way too many people are guilty but don't feel it.