Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Ago Today

Ten years ago I remember clearly watching the TV in utter shock as the twin towers were struck and then fell. I still feel the pain.

How could anyone do that? How could young men go against their own religion and kill themselves and so many innocent people?  It was beyond belief and understanding and we are still striving to comprehend the enormity of it all. Since then it got us into two wars with many thousands more dead. The memory still carries a lot of pain and will for decades to come. Like the news of Pearl Harbor for my parents I will always remember that moment when the world changed.

So much has happened since then and because of those attacks. We were right to go after those who did the deed in Afghanistan but it was stupid to divert funds and troops from that effort to attack Iraq. Now we are still in both places and spending trillions of much needed dollars over t here.
 We need to find ways to quell the anger and seek peace. I Pray for peace in our world every day.

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