Friday, June 15, 2012

Of Love and Lust

Of Love and Lust

Love can sneak up and take us by surprise at any encounter with another person. It is basic human nature when hormones start surging. If both individuals are adult, single, and willing you can let passion can take control. The same feelings are true for lust and the two are closely related. There are a great many people who sadly can not tell the difference.

Those who are married, in a committed relationship or under vows of celibacy need to be able to tell the difference and have the self discipline to control both. With lust you can let the moment pass and as soon as the object of lust is out of sight the energy is gone. Love on the other hand is much more difficult to deal with and takes more awareness. Love lingers in the heart and mind for a long long time.

Love is a good emotion and can be very healthy if dealt with appropriately. You can love a great many people with good boundaries for the expression of that love. The love of a good friend does not need to lead to sex nor interfere with a comment. Awareness, self-discipline, and honesty about your feelings will make the difference. 

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