Thursday, June 14, 2012

Remembering Sermons

Pastors like to think that people remember and cherish every word of those carefully crafted sermons we work hard on each week. A good preacher spends an hour in preparation for each minute he or she preaches. A little secret is that most pastors do not remember last week’s sermon either.

Memory is a fuzzy thing. Try to remember what you had for lunch a week ago Wednesday? Most of us can’t do it. How ever though the memory of what we ate is gone but the nourishment from what we ate is now part of us.
So too with the sermons we hear our memory of titles may fade as we walk out the church door but the spiritual nurture remains to feed us.

I am sometimes pleasantly surprised when years later some one tells me about a sermon I delivered and don’t remember myself.  I stand up to preach and it is an act of faith that God will use my words to touch someone.

What was the last sermon you remember?


  1. I have a chapter in my self-published little read book called "The Preacher and the Lawnmower" about the worst sermon ever. It was an Easter "sunrise service" sermon. I may post it someday. Why are the worst the only ones you remember? His sermon was rediculous, but the message, "The importance of Faith" still sticks after 35 years. Hmmm...maybe he knew what he was doing.

    Cranky Old Man

  2. The message stuck? So if it worked are you sure it was the worst sermon ever? He knew what he was doing alright/