Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thoughts on Changes

What is the relationship between Christianity and the New World Order? The world is quickly becoming a single economic unit and that could lead to a single political unit. Some people see this as a terrible thing and others see it as a major blessing to have a United States of Earth. As we are attempting to understand the almost incomprehensible essence of what it means to be a human being with an infusion of spirit, mind, and body in all of our relationships we ask, “What difference will our faith make in all this coming change?”

There are so many ways of looking at the changes in our world. Other people have opinions that they believe are correct but are opposite of our opinions. The ideas and concerns which are the foundations of some people’s views of them selves and the world around them can appear decidedly odd to people from a different tradition. What is self evident and proper behavior to some of us is often an anathema to others; and we must understand that we need to open up our thinking to embrace and analyze the concerns of others, rather than simply insist that our ways of thinking and doing are the only reasonable ways.

What is critical in seeking understanding between Christian groups and indeed between Christians and non-Christians in this modern [ugh post-modern] world, with its increasing impetus towards globalization? One of the very real problems we face is the tendency and danger of reducing everything to a form of religious short hand. It is so easy to generalize our faith and then dump all our presuppositions, all of our assumptions, all of our prejudice and characteristics in to one big basket of simple faith. Finding understanding and common ground for discussion can bring about peaceful co-existence between people of different opinions. The important thing is that all of us have to be willing to try for understanding.

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