Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Gift to:_______?

Almost every advertisement this time of year is also focused on giving gifts. TV, radio, newspapers, e-mail, flyers in the mail all remind us that there are only so many shopping days till Christmas. We have gifts to buy, wrap, mail or carry to give to friends and family.

I am remembering the tag we find on Christmas gifts, you know with To:____ and From: ____ with blanks to be filled in. Well we do need to know  whose gift is under the tree. A tagless gift has us asking whose gift is this. A gift to:_________ that blank to be filled in carries a lot of meaning. 

Before we forget the reason for the season with all our gift giving, let us remember the original Christmas gift. It was God’s gift to the world. Indeed it is a very inclusive gift to all people every where. But the gift is also a very personal gift as well. The great gift of  God’s love  is for you and for me. Jesus was given as a savior of the world but he is also your savior and my savior on a personal basis. God’s great gift for the world is my gift because I am personally individually saved. What a powerful gift both inclusive and specific, both universal and individual.

This Christmas remember that even though the birth of Christ was a gift to the world it was also your gift from God. Remember whose birthday it is and remember the gift.

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