Saturday, December 8, 2012


Christmas is not only an event in history; it is also an expression of our hope for the future. It is a time of the year we welcome as a season of general good will. People give more to charity at Christmas than any other time of year. More families come together to celebrate and share. We are enriched by the art and music that has enshrined the birth of Christ over the last nineteen hundred plus years.

Christmas means much more than an annual glance backward in the midst of secular festivals. Christmas is also a long look forward into the future. Christmas is a promise of hope for all people yet to come. It is a time when we sense for a brief season that the world can be better and that people can be nicer. A small child in a manger gives us hope that we can be closer to God. That child was the great gift of God to a sinful world and he is our blessing.

Christmas is an event that takes place in our souls and it is an ongoing renewal that gets a gentle shove once a year. More than a single day in history Christmas is the light for today that shows us the promise of tomorrow.

During this Advent season give some thought to the Christmas in your future. Remember that first Christmas, celebrate this Christmas, and pray about the future of Christmas

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