Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Very Lean Christmas

Early in our marriage the budget was tight, very tight. Christmas was coming and with it expenses that we did not have the income to sustain.We wanted to give the children a good Christmas experience and what was left in our gifts budget was not much. It was a painful thought to have a lean Christmas for our selves but that is what we faced.

After a long discussion we decided not to get wrappeable gifts for each other. Instead we would fill a Christmas stocking with small inexpensive items for each other. These items included each others favorite candies, little personal things and we would each make coupons good for personal service during the coming year. They included back rubs, foot massages and other special things.

It was ment to be for that year only but it became a tradition in our home that survives to this day. It is a great tradition the reminds us that giving in honor of the birth of Jesus does not have to put us in deep debt. I am working on my coupons tonight.