Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stark Contrast

Christmas.time presents a stark contrast between A Christians Joy of giving to others in honor of Jesus' birth and the gross comercial hype and greed from companies that lust after every cent they can rangle out of our joyful desire. The constant balst from all media seems to leave the true Christmas message of salvation blowing like a straw in the wind.

Pastors do their best to remind their congregations of the “Reason for the Season” but often wonder if even that message gets through. I am confident that it does even if the barage of buy buy buy is constant through Christmas day. In the hearts of true believers on Christmas eve candles are lit and we sing silent night and peace wins out.

Yes we will buy buy buy but we will also know the joy Jesus in our hearts as we give each gift. Open your heart to the baby Jesus and all he did for us while He walked upon the earth.

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