Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Prayer Times

There are some days that are filled with worries from the previous day and I wake up praying and go to bed that night praying. Other days are filled with bliss and I awake praying that the coffee is ready because I really don't have anything urgent to pray about. When all is well and life is good we tend to be less prayerful.

When my days flow nicely and all is well I have a great time to reflect on my blessings and say prayers of thankfulness. When I do that I become more aware of those who are not having a good day and lift up prayers of support. Wether I kneel in prayer seeking answers or in prayer of thinksgiving I am changed by my going to God with an open spirit.

Prayer changes everything in me and I see and act in a new light. I may get answers I need and I may become the answer to someone else's prayer of need. Giving to others in response to Christ is a great answer to my prayer of thanksgiving. Either way I need to pray every day.

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