Saturday, January 30, 2010

It Took The BBC To Explain It

It to the BBC News to explain to me why poor Americans vote against their own self interest.
The article is worth reading.
I have to think about this but it seems to make sense.


  1. There are many reasons I am sure why people vote one way or the other, much of the other pertains to lack of trust of the government. I'm not real crazy about these kinds of things either yet there needs to be some change in the current system.

    But what I am concerned about is what about our seniors and our huge population of unhealthy people. That is going to cost a major fortune.

    Never mind. ;)

  2. Re: cost of things: One of my patients had heart surgery a few months ago and Medicare denied everything. He now has a bill for over $400,000. I'm sure there is an appeals process, but he's got everything: A, B, and supplemental. What a mess!

  3. Wildstorm that is just the tip of the iceberg.

  4. I for one can't afford healthcare and I think it's ridiculous. I just rely on my best friend who's a doctor and I just pray I don't ever get really sick. Otherwise, where will I be? All of this frustrates me to no end.