Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stupid Cupid

Love is a strange thing and it can strike with out warning.
You are minding your own business and a new person walks into your life. You can almost hear the twang of cupids bow and your heart melts. Yes a new love has come into your life. Now what do you do about it?
If you and the person you meet are unattached you can enter great joy and let nature take its course in the relationship. This can be wonderful and scary all at the same time. Love is like that  most of the time.
If you or the other person is in a committed relationship [marriage being really committed] then what you do about that love needs to be tightly controlled.  Love happens all the time and it is what we do about it that matters. You can love a lot of people if you put it in perspective and act morally.  You can love good friends of either gender without violating your covenant with your mate or their covenant with their mate. You can enjoy affection without sex but it take personal self control. That control on your libido starts long before you fall in love with other people. You have to know that love will come your way time and time again and you must be ready for it. A love that is out of control and on the sly can bring a lot of pain in your committed relationship.

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  1. It sure can. A timely post as we approach my favorite holiday for the entire year--Valentine's Day! In fact, I wish it was a paid day off.