Friday, January 29, 2010

Making Excuses

Over the years I have heard many people make excuses for why they can not engage life with success. It is a wide range of “reasons” such as Too Young, Too Old, Too Poor, Too Tired, Too Little Time, and Too Much to Do.
Many of  these people squander their potential because of self-imposed limitations.  Their dreams or goals seem too big for what they think they can do. They are told or think that it is only a pipe dream that is actually out of reach. So they don’t go beyond dreaming and never settle in to the piratical planning to reach their big goal. So they become mentally paralyzed and feel that their life is a failure.
The key to fulfilling your dreams is long term planning that involves a lot of short term goals. A woman wrote to an advice column saying, “I would love to get a college degree and teach but in four years I will be too old.” The reply was “How old will you be in four years if you don’t go to collage.”  Today the average life span is more than seventy years and many people retire from one career and retool for a second dream career.  You are never too old to begin seeking your dream. Set your dream goal and then set progress goals to reach it. Chart your progress day by day and over time you will enjoy fulfillment.
Have faith in yourself Cloud Nine

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