Friday, March 11, 2011

A Strong Faith

I received a private message about my previous post about Misquoting Jesus.
"Did the knowledge of errors in the bible harm my faith in Jesus?"

My strong faith in Jesus has always been based on my personal relationship with God. From the time I was a child I understood that the bible is the witness of hundreds of people who had strong personal relationships with God. They recorded their understanding of that relationship and they did it in terms of their world view. Translating that story from language/culture to mine through many languages and cultures is tricky at best.

Early in my ministry I was into the King James version as the only Authorized version until I took New Testament Greek and discovered that it meant that the King of England had authorized the printing of it in English. I look for the truth with prayer and an open mind. I understand that literally thousands of people have passed the writing on to us and where men are concerned errors happen. Yet the story of Jesus comes through it all and I do love that story.

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