Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WHY ???

When we feel overwhelmed with pain and suffering in the world, we naturally ask why does this happen? As a historian I know that every generation why is there so much suffering going on. The big question gets ask by each generation as well. “Why does God allow this to happen?”

Why would God allow a gang of boys in Texas to rape an eleven year old girl? Why does a dictator kill his own people? Why does one race hate another race? These questions are not new and we will not be the last to ask them. The whys have many answers: greed, power, fear, and the forces of nature.

The real question we should ask is, “What am I doing to alleviate the suffering?” As  a Christian I know that Jesus has called me to feed t he hungry, clothe the naked, teach love to those who hate, and be a peacemaker. I can not escape the call to be the heart, hands, arms, eyes and ears of Jesus in this world. Each of us can do something and it takes all of us doing our part. Lent begins tomorrow take the time to meditate on your call to be one who serves God in this world/

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