Monday, March 7, 2011

Understanding Revelation

For most people when you mention the book of Revelation they get a blank stare as their eyes glaze over. I often hear that it is just too hard to understand. It is filled with a secret code that the first century church understood but it has been lost to the ages. Modern day false prophets have misused and abused its message in frightening ways and scared us.

A good way to visualize the book of Revelation is to see it as a split screen on the computer or television. On one side of the screen are scenes of death and destruction and increasing horror on this earth.  The other side of the screen if filled with wonders of beauty and light in the brightness of the place where God dwells. Both scenes are happening in real time and our eyes switch back and forth from one to the other.

John reassures Christians that, while we are living with difficulty and suffering in this realm that in God’s realm there is praise, harmony, peace, light and joy. John’s central message to both his first century church and to our twenty-first century church is: Stay faithful and God will see you through to the end. In the end God wins!

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  1. The book of Revelation brings hope to the saved Christian.