Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Check That Scripture

How many preachers are misquoting the Scriptures to prove their point?

That process is called “Proof Texting” and I was taught in seminary that it is a false use of the scriptures.

There is a Texas radio preacher who promotes his prayer cloth in this fashion. He will send you one when you send a donation to his worthy ministry. He listed two passages very quickly, Mark 5:41 and 2 Kings 2. He obviously did not expect anyone to remember what scripture he stated because I looked them up. There was not any evidence of the prayer cloth in these passages.

If only people will check the Scriptures other people list as proof for their point of view!


  1. We receive one of those "paper" prayer cloths about once a year... along with the donation request of course!

  2. Do a return to sender addressee unknown