Monday, January 30, 2012

Liberal OR Conservative?

I was recently accused of being a liberal by some one who took issue with a post I made. A short time later I was accused of being ultra conservative in person by another friend who should know me better. Labels like liberal and conservative are often placed on us by people who want to put us in a box of their choosing. Some of us chose our own label to reflect where we think we stand in our community.

It is interesting to watch the current political debate where politicians accuse each other of not being conservative enough. The truth is often not considered in the argument. On both side of the spectrum there are people who get angry with others who do not fit their definition of liberal or conservative. Is there a test we all have to pass on this issue? I hope not.

I am an independent mind and the fact is that on some issues I am very conservative and on others I am very liberal. If you are talking money I am very conservative but if you are talking personal rights and freedom I am very liberal. Politics, religion and relationships are all open to reflection and renewal for me. I don’t change my mind easily but I am willing to look at the evidence and seek the truth. 


  1. I think we are essentially one or the other. But most people are not completely one or the other. It is the same with good and evil or right and wrong.

    Fundamentally, liberal and conservative stand for something: liberals believe that government can supply solutions while conservatives hold that individuals are key. The argument is fundamental to America, going back to our revolution and the rise of Whigs and individual liberties vs those that believed in the monarchy.

    Semantics aside, I think you are essentially liberal believing that government has the power to solve society's ills. However, you are a man of strong moral character and are unyielding when it comes to interpretations of right and wrong.

    I hope you know that I never get angry with you and that I deeply respect what you say. I listen and weigh your words carefully. When I disagree, it is because I am essentially conservative and apply the same unyielding moral values that you've shown me but in a different way.

    Go with God, Pastor.

  2. I think you have miss read me. I do not believe in government intrusion in to our private lives or that government can solve all of society's ills. It has the power to make changes in society and that is a fact. Using that power is a choice that must be done carefully but often is not. Should it use that power? That is the question of debate. In most cases NO! Some of the changes have been good and some have been bad.

    I do not think that most people are either conservative or liberal. Some are extreme in one or the other but most are independent thinkers and are as I am able to see both sides of an issue. At least I hope so.

    By the way I am a registered Libertarian.

  3. OK, I will try reading you more objectively.