Friday, February 3, 2012

Thoughts at Random

Our thoughts are our own and often uncontrolled, they just show up. A random thought will just pop into my head and I am all “where did that come from?” Sometimes it is funny or odd, other times it’s profound or way off the wall. Sometimes it shows up at an odd time like when I am driving and then it goes away never to be remembered again.

We also have contrived thoughts based on our life experience and relationships with other people. We are not always comfortable with what we think others think about what we think. To be truthful when we speak or write what we think other people think about it and respond with their own thoughts. Do we stop expressing thoughts simply because of the response of other people? I hope not.

My thoughts are my own and reflect only on me and not those around me. The only time I may need to be forgiven for them is not the thinking but when I express something that is intentionally hurtful to another.

The freedom to think, speak and write is a precious human right that must be protected. I respect the thoughts of others even when I disagree or don’t like the word choices. A free exchange of thoughts enhances our life experience as long as we take responsibility for our own and respect the rights of others.

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