Sunday, January 29, 2012

Do You Really Follow Jesus?

The apostles followed Jesus but sometimes they did not fully comprehend what Jesus said or did. In one breath Peter recognized Jesus as the Messiah and in the next breath rebuked Jesus for saying that he would have to die. Peter actually walked on water to meet Jesus but then lost faith and began to sink. James and John argued about who should sit at the right and left hand when Jesus ascended the throne. What does it all mean?

Jesus spoke in parables and often defied social convention. We can see in hind sight that everything Jesus did led to the establishment of our salvation through faith and the Grace of God. Yet we too like the apostles forget during the busyness of our living that we too said we would follow Jesus. We forget to do the small acts of kindness. We get so intent on waiting for a great revelation that we don’t actually listen for that still small voice of God.

We have the teachings of Jesus and promised at our baptism that we would obey Jesus but we allow the cares of the world to draw us away from them. It is only in being focused on Jesus that we will live our lives in true faithfulness. John 13:7 – look it up.

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