Sunday, February 26, 2012

It Is In the Bible

At the Ash Wednesday service a group did a dramatic reading of a modern translation of the Sermon on the Mount. The reading was lively and really caught people’s attention. Two things happened after the service that brought to mind how little most people read and understand scripture.

The first incident happened right after worship was over. One young woman who had been reading from the script asked a pastor’s wife, “That was good who wrote it?” She replied, “Saint Matthew.”

The second incident happened in the pastor’s office a bit later. Three people, who should have known better, took exception to the part in the reading about divorce. They were told to get their bibles and read the Sermon on the Mount for themselves. The next morning the pastor received an apology from one of them. It seems if Jesus said it they couldn’t complain.

For a church that prides itself on being a people of the book we still have a lot of biblical education to do. I guess that dramatic reading accomplished some of that education. 

I better keep teaching my Basic Bible Study.

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