Thursday, March 1, 2012

Faith is Personal – Religion is Corporate

Faith is Personal – Religion is Corporate

I have a deep personal spiritual relationship with God. My first spiritual experience with God was overwhelming and powerful. After that day I had not doubt what so ever that God exist. Since that time my personal devotions have been the source of my strength of faith and life.

I believe that faith is a very personal thing that is internal, spiritual, and beyond logic. When one’s spirit is in contact with the Holy Spirit organized religion does not matter any more. Prayer then is the faith experience that matters most. To commune with God one to one is the essence of faith.

Religion is the corporate expression of faith. Any house of worship or religious community be it church, synagogue, mosque or temple is a place for the body of believers to gather and express their faith. The building is only a building and the people gathered are the church. Organizations run by humans have faults and that includes religious organizations.

I need my church as a way of expressing my faith, sharing my faith, and acting on my faith. The church provides me with a way to do ministry for God that I can not do well alone. The church was given to us as a help for our ministry so that we can be taught and in turn teach others.  

Faith is Personal – Religion is Corporate

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