Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A National Church?

I heard Rick Santorum state that he wants to end the separation of church and state. I am not sure he knows what that really means but perhaps he does. Separation of Church and State has never meant that people of faith can not participate in government as Santorum has stated.

The ending the separation of church and state would necessarily involve the establishment of a “National Church” that would be the official American church. An example would be the Roman Catholic Church in Italy. We have over 350 Christian denominations in the United States plus all of the non-Christian religious groups and I wonder which church Santorum would establish as the National Church?

Would it be the church that he and his family belongs to, the Roman Catholic Church? What would it be like for that church to be the National Church? For that matter what would it be like for any denomination to be the national church? I am not in favor of any of them including my own Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

We are all much better off with the separation of Church and State. This includes all religious groups are better off with separation from the state. 

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