Monday, March 23, 2009

The Big Questions

How do we deal with the really big questions and issues in our lives?

I know some people who think, "If I just ignore them they will go away." Sometimes they do but most often they just get worse.

Confronting a issue head on is scary because we don't know how it will wind up. Yet confronting is the only way to solve or deal with it. Be real about it but do not be afraid. God has promised to always be with us to see us through life and all its ups and downs to the end.

IT is the "END" part that scares most of us. Death is the last great issue that confronts us all. There is no escaping or hiding from death. I am 66 years old and unless I live past 122 most of my life on this earth has past. Now I have good genes as some of my ancestors have live past 100 but no one has reached 122. Doing the math on that one is easy.

Shall I cower in the corner trying to deny the great inevitable? I think not! I trust God and I know that there is a place for me after I have used up this old body that already has more pains than I like to deal with. Consequently, I will great each new day with thanksgiving for what God has given me and if this is my last day on earth it will be filled with love. This will be a good day because I feel the presence of God with me and I will not fear the future.

Let the new day begin! If I do reach 123 years old this day is the start of my middle ages and I will enjoy each one God gives me to the fullest.

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