Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Old Church Organ

I served as pastor of a Missouri congregation that was 150 years old when I began my ministry there. When they began there were no musical instruments in the church. In 1889 they built a new building and one of the members paid for A German pipe organ to be shipped from Germany to Missouri. The pipes filled a room of their own.

For the 150th anniversary of the church a company was engaged to come in to service and tune the organ. I followed the repairman into the pipe room which blew me a way that there were so many pipes in there. He went deep into the organ and inspected and cleaned every pipe fixing the ones that were wheezing because of stops that were leaking. It made beautiful music after that.

We may be well traveled and well used as well. Like that old organ I sometimes have internal issues both physical and spiritual. My doctor deals with the physical organs and keeps me moving. I need to let the Holy Spirit probe deep within me to remove accumulated resentments and dislikes that spoil the music of my life. 

Like that old organ my spirit needs a tune up every now and then so that I can continue to make lovely music with my life.


  1. This brings back memories of my old church. I used to play the piano for the services. I never could master the organ, it made me nervous. Thanks for the memories, Pastor Larry. :)