Thursday, March 26, 2009

Old Bibles - Old Friends

Psalms 119:105 reads, "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."

After 40 years of ministry I  have some bibles that are worn and tattered from a lot of use. Every time I began a new pastorate I purchased a bible to use in that place. I would read to the sick and the dying from it. 

I used it to study for sermon and preach from it. Each time I used it for a sermon I would write the date in the margin by the scripture for that sermon. That helped me keep track so I was not always preaching the same thing.

My study bibles are full of notes and high-lights, some to the point that it is hard to read through because of so many notations. Still they are old friends and I can not bring my self to discard any of them.  My bibles are a witness to me not only of the written word but also of many lessons learned through the years. I am still reading and making notes every day.

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  1. Old, worn, tattered? No, they are a testament in themselves to a life well lived, of love and kindness shared, good times and bad, a solid quiet proof of our short existence in this life. They could never be discarded.
    We all share in things that are special to us, those silent reminders of our own paths in this world. Our personal treasures.